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Jean Alesi - Ferrari 412T2 V12 - Winner Canadian GP - 11th June 1995

This unofficial model was created by myself. The car was originally a Minichamps Ferrari 412T2, which I completely re-decaled to include all appropriate decals from the Canadian GP.  The inlay card was designed by myself. To the best of my ability, I used photo and video referencing to make the model as accurate as possible. I stand by my performance!!


Right: 'Race dirt' is clearly visable, on the rear wing and the side pod area.


Left: Once again, race dirt has been applied, this time on the front wing and lower nose. The additional cameras have been added also, as has Marlboro decals.


Right: Cockpit detail. Seat belts have been added, together with regulation stickers.


Left: Painted figure of Alesi. The figure was produced by Denizen, painted and decalled by myself. The helmet was a tad difficult!


Right: Side view of figure, showing more of the helmet detail. Race dirt on rear wing is also visable.